Thursday, 23 February 2017


Example of hidden in plain sight tarot symbolism from Stockholm, Sweden: Sergelminnet by Göran Strååt, 1990.


On an exoteric level the statue is a tribute to sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel (1740 - 1814).

Johan Tobias Sergel

The esoteric level hiding under the exoteric level is about something completely different. The female figure the sculptor is working with represents the goddess Venus. The planet this goddess represents has a peculiar pattern in its' relation to Earth. The so called Venus transit happens five times a year. The pattern forms an image of a pentagram on the orbit. This is why the pentagram is a symbol of Venus. (One of many things it can represent.)

Venus transits

Knowing the connection between the pentagram and Venus, reveals the hidden in plain sight symbolism of this statue. Just look at the tarot card VIII of Pentacles.

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