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Cult of Aton - part 9: Red and blue

Have you ever wondered why "the Elite" uses so frequently the colors red and blue? Why is there a blue lodge (blue degrees) in masonry? Why is the Templar cross red? Why do the royals wear red and blue ribbons with their medals? Why are the royals called the "blue bloods"? And why do they walk on the red carpet?

The Blue Lodge is a masonic term for the first three degrees

The red Templar cross

Red and blue ribbons on royals

"Blue bloods" walking on the red carpet

The origins of red and blue symbolism goes way back to the ancient Egypt and the beginning of the Cult of Aton. The color red is closely associated with the area the Hyksos kings once ruled - Lower Egypt. The area was called the "red land" because of the vast areas of sand desert around it. The crown of Lower Egypt was called Deshred - the Red Crown.

The "red land" of Lower Egypt ruled by the Hyksos

Deshret - the Red Crown of Lower Egypt
"The red color of the crown is symbolic of the “red land”, arid desert land
that surrounded the fertile “black land” of Kemet."
- Wikipedia

One of the most important deities of the Hyksos was Seth - the lord of the "red desert". Egyptian mythology has the story of the battle between Seth and the sun god Horus. This is an allegory of the civil war and social turmoil the country went through during the reign of Akhenaton.

In this story Seth represents the Cult of Aton. Accordingly Horus represents the other side of the civil war - the Cult of Amen. Seth's defeat to Horus is an allegory of the defeat of the Cult of Aton which led to the expulsion of Akhenaton and his coterie from Egypt. After this traumatic time period that created so much chaos to the country, Seth's reputation changed. He became associated with chaos, turmoil and storm - understandably so.


Being the lord of the red desert, Seth's color was obviously red. But that's not all there is to it. More precisely, red was the public color of Seth. He had also another color - a secret color: blue. In the mythology, Horus lost his eye to Seth, who took the blue iris-ring of the eye and wore it around his leg.
"Horus lost his eye in an epic battle with Seth, and now Seth was the possessor of Horus' blue iris-ring, the 'garter'. And presumably, in a piece of mythology that has been lost to us. Seth once wore this ring on his leg." - Ralph Ellis (Eden in Egypt)

It was a custom among the nobility of the Hyksos to wear a blue band under their clothes. This same custom is still practiced today in the powerful Order of the Garter, headed by Queen Elizabeth II.
"One of the meanings of the Egyptian word Set is "garter." The name also means "secret." Like the ancient worshippers of Set, and like the Egyptian nobility, the Knights of the Garter wear a blue-colored band upon their person. It is usually hidden from view, or kept "secret."" - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, vol 2)

Order of the Garter - public and secret colors of Seth

Knights of the Garter - headed by Elizabeth II

Why do you think we have the wedding custom of the bride wearing a blue garter under her wedding dress?

Pharaoh Akhenaton was a descendant of the Seth worshiping Hyksos. The crown he wore was the Blue Crown - Khepresh. Also her royal wife Nefertiti was depicted with a blue crown.

Khepresh - the Blue Crown

Akhenaton wearing Khepresh

Nefertiti wearing her blue crown

Blue was not only the secret color of Seth preferred by the Hyksos descended royals, it was also very rare and expensive commodity. One source for this rare pigment was the cornflower. Archaeological evidence from the city of Akhetaten (the new capital Akhenaton built) shows the cornflower was highly valued in the early days of the Cult of Aton. Cornflowers were also found from the tomb of Tutankhamun (the son of Akhenaton and Nefertiti).


Cornflower ceramic from Akhetaten

Cornflowers on the wall of Akhenaton's palace

Cornflower ornament from the tomb of Tutankhamun

So the Hyksos and their descendants preferred the colors of Seth - red and blue - what about it? Well, do you think it's a coincidence "the Elite" of today uses these same colors so much?

Royals wear lots of red...

... and blue...
(That's a cornflower hat, by the way)
... and red and blue.

Police waering blue (and masonic square tiles)

Red coats - for king and country

Prussian army wearing red and blue

French army wearing blue

Church fathers wearing red

US flag with red and blue

UK flag with red and blue

Flag of Israel

Flag of USSR

You have the "freedom of choice!"




Goldman Sachs

HSBC bank


Oil company Chevron

Oil company Texaco

Oil company Exxon (with the Templar double cross)
Oil company Gazprom (with the masonic capital G)

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