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Cult of Aton - part 3: The Lion

Previous part of this series: The horned Moses.

The ruling elite's Cult of Aton uses many symbols. One of the most important and most visible of them is the lion. It's a symbol you can see everywhere. You can see it in company logos, brand logos, coats of arms, movies, music industry, statues, religious art, etc. It's a very common symbol for "the Elite", but its esoteric meaning is still largely unknown for the common people.

Think about it - why is the lion in so many coats of arms of European countries? There are no lions in Europe, so why would they use such a symbol on English, Scottish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Bulgarian or Estonian coats of arms? Why would a country use a foreign animal on its national emblem? Wouldn't it be strange if European countries used an elephant or a kangaroo on their coats of arms?

Royal arms of England

Royal arms of Scotland

Coat of arms of Belgium

Coat of arms of Finland

One must understand, that the lion does not represent any nation (although many people tend to think so) or country. It represents the ruling elite and their Cult of Aton, which has it's roots in ancient Egypt. Being a sun cult, it is no surprise that the Cult of Aton uses the astrological symbol of the Sun as their emblem. The lion represents Leo - the Sun sign. (Sun is the planetary ruler of Leo.)

After the so called "Israelites", meaning the followers of pharaoh Akhenaton and the Cult of Aton, were kicked out of Egypt, what symbol did they use? The symbol of the Sun - the so called Lion of Judah.

The lion of Judah in the coat of arms of Jerusalem

Akhenaton depicted as a lion worshiping the sun god Aton

Lion is like a gang sign of these Atonists. And they sure like to use it widely.  The amount of lion symbolism around us is massive:

Masonic symbolism: the lion

Templar symbolism: the lion

Lions club logo

Egyptian Lion statue in Vatican

Egyptian Lion statue in Stockholm

Lion statue in Madrid 

Lion in the Peugeot logo

Lion in the Chelsea logo

Lion in the Premier League logo

Lion in the ING logo (banking)

Lion's Bank from Poland

Lion in the Harris logo

Lion in the Royal Bank of Canada logo

Lion in the NY Public Library logo

Lion in the MGM logo

"Educating" children: lion is the king

"Educating" children: the royal family (Madagascar)

Lion at the 10 Downing Street door 

And this is how they brand their products in the entertainment industry:

Miley Cyrus wearing the symbol of her "owners"

Lion in the Britney Spears album cover

Katy Perry riding a lion at the Superbowl

Robbie Williams wearing the symbol of his "owners"

Rihanna with a lion on music video (Rude Boy) - notice the masonic eye too

Beyonce with a lion

Lion in the Mumford & Sons album cover

Lion in the Santana album cover

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