Sunday, 5 April 2020

Event 201 tarot symbolism

If you have been researching this corona pandemic outside the mainstream narrative, you have probably already heard about the Event 201.

Event 201 was a pandemic simulation last October hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security with partners like the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This exercise was a simulation on a corona virus pandemic, that would hit the world creating global chaos.

Lo and behold - few weeks later the corona pandemic started in Wuhan, China. What a coincidence!

What's interesting about this is their logo. See how it's designed? 21 and a globe in the middle. Ring any bells?

It's a subtle reference to the 21. card of the major arcana of tarot - The World.

Major arcana depicts the path of the fool. If you are not familiar with this concept, I highly recommend you to study the works of Michael Tsarion. The 21 cards (plus the zero card Fool) of the major arcana tell a story. This card is the last card of that story. It's the end of the journey - the last phase of the path of the fool.

So why was it put on the Event 201 logo? Is this corona panic the "last card" of "the Elite"?

We'll see how it plays out.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Corona math

During the last weeks we've been reading a lot about the dangers of Corona virus. Every day we read the news about how many have been infected and how many have died. Every day we are told about the thousands of people who have died around the globe. The message is always the same: "This is serious"!

When you're reading these news, you can see a pattern. None of the news articles gives you information about how much more deadly this corona virus is compared to normal. We never read about the flu death numbers we could compare the corona death numbers to. Why?

If you ask average Joe how many people die yearly on influenza, you can be pretty sure he doesn't have any idea. We don't want to think about these things in our daily lives, so no one has really any idea what is normal. How many of us even considers basic flu as a deadly disease killing huge amount of people every year?

Why don't we look at the numbers we could compare these Corona numbers to? Just to get some perspective.

Let's take an example from the US. During the flu season 2017-2018 there was a nasty influenza that according to CDC killed 61 000 people. Can you remember the screaming headlines: Deadly influenza hits the nation! Tens of thousands have died!

Me neither.

61 000 people died without anyone panicking. Why? Because it's normal that huge amount of people die because of influenza every year. No need to panic, no need to quarantine or to do anything that disrupts the daily lives of everyone.

At the moment 2489 people have died in the US. That is still far from 61 000.

There are 330 million people living in the US. The flu season of 2017-2018 killed 0,018 % of the population. If we assume the influenza was similar around the globe, we can calculate an estimate how many people died globally on influenza. 0,018 % of all the people of the globe would be 1 404 000 people.

In other words, if the influenza of the season 2017-2018 was globally the same as it was in the US, 1,4 million people died on influenza. This little calculation gives you some kind of comparable number of what's normal.

At the moment, the global death rate of Corona virus is 34 000 people. It's still quite far away from 1,4 million - which would still be considered as normal.

My question is: Is it a reasonable reaction to panic over this Corona virus? So far the death rate of Corona virus is a fraction of the death rate of yearly influenza.

So why are people panicking everywhere? Well, could it have something to do with the media? Would we have this kind of panic, if the media gave us comparable numbers and information about what is normal?

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Time to panic

Another example of symbolism used in climate change hysteria:

(click to enlarge)

Just panic! (And ignore the eye symbolism.)

This was from the video below, which demonstrates how climate change alarmists cherry pick statistics to support their agenda. Truth has no value for these people.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Hour glass and the end of the world

Have you noticed how these "world is about to end!" -lunies, also known as Extinction Rebellion, have started to use the hour glass symbol?

You can read about that symbol on Wikipedia:
The extinction symbol represents the threat that faces the earth; the circle represents the planet and the stylised hourglass is a warning that time is running out for many species. It is also crosshairs used to kill animals - "which is handy" says oobes. The symbol has been attributed to anonymous East London artist, ESP or Goldfrog ESP. The symbol has been called "this generation's peace sign". It is used by environmental protesters, and has been incorporated in works by artists and designers. 
In 2019, The Guardian reported that "Where the symbol has come from is something of a mystery". The Guardian noted that the most reliable attribution is to an anonymous East London artist known only as "ESP" or "Goldfrog ESP", who declines to be contacted directly except via their Extinction Symbol website, which has been supported by design media, and the wider media.[

Where it came from is a mystery?

Oh really?

Sure, it is a mystery for these brainwashed people getting high with their virtue signaling. They have no idea what that symbol really means and where it came form. When group think takes over, it's quite easy to rally people behind any symbol, without anyone bothering to find out what that symbol actually represent.

How many of these enthusiastic flag waiving "activists" know that the hour glass symbol comes from freemasonry?

Masonic symbolism: hour glass

Masonic symbolism: hour glass

Masonic symbolism: hour glass

The Hourglass is an icon of Freemasonry with several different things represented.

The first actual sand hourglass is believed to have been invented sometime around 150 B.C. The actual invention of the sand hourglass is murky to say the least. It did not begin to be used in iconography, generally on coffins, until sometime in the 4th century A.D.

For Freemasons it's two biggest representations is time and death.

In masonic context, the hour glass is the symbol of Father Time. He is a famous character is masonic symbolism, and represents Saturn, the god of time.

Masonic symbolism: Father Time and the hour glass

Let's look at the symbol once more:

The hour glass is made of two triangles. Ring any bells?

Two triangles, 33, is the number of degrees in Scottish Rite freemasonry. The number also represents the highest ranking masons also known as Princes of Masonry.

You still think this is a grass roots movement? (Really?)

33 and the double headed eagle are symbols of the Princes of Masonry

We have heard these same baseless dooms day predictions regarding the climate for decades. How many times you can use the same ridiculous scare mongering stories of "the world is about to end!"? Can't people remember anything anymore?

They have repeated these claims over and over again, getting the predictions wrong every single time. And now that there is the new champion, the 16 year old Swedish girl, people believe THIS time the predictions must be right!

Yeah, right.

"The Elite" knows how to manipulate minds. They have read the books of Gustave Le Bon and Edward Bernays. They know facts don't matter when it comes to group think. Groups are manipulated by emotions, not by facts or common sense.

The Greta show is all about emotions. It has nothing to do with facts, observable evidence or real science. Nothing.

You think wearing the hour glass symbol and acting like a jerk (blocking people on the streets) is about saving the world? No, it's about you demonstrating your ignorance, slave mentality and willful servitude to "the Elite". Good luck with that.

Let's go back to the hour glass symbolism and its origins. This might be a little side track, but it's important. The famous masonic Father Time motif always has the young lady in front of the old man. If you can read the language of the symbols, you can decode something interesting from this well known masonic image.

The image is called Father Time and the Weeping Virgin. The weeping virgin refers to the Egyptian Moon goddess Isis, who is mourning the death of Osiris.

"The great Mason, Albert Pike, knew that the image of the Weeping Virgin was of Egyptian origin, but also seemed aware that the connection between the image and the ancient hermeticism had been forgotten. He pointed out that one important branch of Masonry, though 'ignorant of its import', employed the image of the Weeping Virgin which was clearly linked with the profound myth of the Egyptian goddess Isis, and her search for the body of her slain husband." - David Ovason (Lost Symbols?: The Secrets of Washington DC)

So we we have the characters representing Moon and Saturn, what of it? Bare with me.

The scene of the image is about death. Father Time is a personification of death, The Weeping Virgin mourns the death of Osiris, and we have the broken column representing death. This death scene is linked to astrology, or more precisely to the sign of Libra.

At the moment of autumn equinox, the Sun enters the sign of Libra. At this moment the Sun dies allegorically, and enters the underworld. In the Egyptian mythology, when one dies, one must go in the afterlife to the weighing of the heart. The heart of the soul is weighed on the scale of the goddess Maat. This is where all the scale symbolism is derived from. In astrology, the symbol of the sign Libra is scales, because in Libra the Sun "dies" and starts it journey to the underworld.

The weighing of the heart and the scale of Maat

Lady Justice is just a modern version of goddess Maat

So we have the sign of Libra, and the characters representing Moon and Saturn. If we had an astrological chart, Moon and Saturn in the sign of Libra would look like this:

Moon and Saturn in the sign of Libra

Dates and the positions of planets are important to "the Elite". They have their occult rituals on specific dates, and they are way more interested of the astrological chart than most people would think.

So, is there a date of special meaning in the history of "the Elite", when Moon and Saturn were right next to each other in the sign of Libra?

Of course, 1st of May 1776 - the date the Illuminati was founded.

1st of May 1776 - Moon and Saturn in the sign of Libra

Greta and the eye

Have you seen these cover photos of Greta?

Now where have I seen this before?

More about eye symbolism in the article The Eye of Aton.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Man with Shield

At the courtyard of Finnish Ministry of the Interior stands a Tapio Junno statue called Man with Shield (Kilpimies).

Helsinki Art Museum introduction:

The sculpture, located in the courtyard of the Ministry of the Interior, is the first colossal version of the male figure in a suit that Tapio Junno has used in numerous works. The expressive features of the otherwise realistically depicted human figure convey pain and suffering. The figure seems to be using the shield to ward of some external threat. Yet the distorted features and an expression full of suffering make it plain that the shield cannot protect him from the anguish deep inside.

The piece was finished in 1982. It is cast in bronze and its height is 4.6 metres. The work doesn't belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum.

Man with Shield

Like so many times before, we are looking at a tarot statue again.

A man holding a rounded object, in the courtyard behind enclosed walls, and the arm is missing.

Can you do the math?

The statue is 4,6 meters tall. 4 + 6 = 10, which in numerology is for 1, the ace.

More examples of tarot symbolism in statues on page Esoteric statues.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

The Danaides

The Danaides is a Walter Runeberg statue from 1893, located in Helsinki's Töölö district.

The Helsinki Art Museum's introduction:

In Greek mythology, the Danaides are the fifty daughters of Danaus, the king of Argos. After falling into a dispute with his brother Aigyptos and fleeing Egypt, Danaus refused to marry his daughters to Aigyptos' fifty sons. Finally, he agreed, however, instructing his daughters to kill their husbands during the wedding night. One of the daughters, Hypermnestra, neglected the orders and her husband killed Danaus in revenge of his slain brothers. The obedient daughters were also punished - they were condemned to pour water perpetually into a jar with a hole in the bottom in Hades.

This symbol of endless labour is a well-worn subject in Western art. In Walter Runeberg's hands it has received a refined and stylish treatment. Despite the rather naturalistic forms of the two women in the sculpture their postures and faces still show a strong idealistic influence. The stronger expressiveness of Art Nouveau is, however, already present. The work has a substantial erotic charge, highlighted by the positions of the figures. Runeberg has depicted their endless suffering and deep despair with paradoxical gracefulness.

The bronze sculpture was finished in 1893 and was originally located in the park of the Sairaala Ensi hospital (now Villa Ensi) thanks to Uno Staudinger, a businessman. Now it is located in the district of Töölö outside the Childrens' Clinic.

The Danaides

Freemason Walter Runeberg was no stranger to tarot symbolism. This piece of art is just another example of his interest and knowledge of esoteric symbolism.

The Danaides represent the tarot card The Star - but not in the typical way. In this case, the statue depicts a tarot card in a reversed form.

The Star portrays a naked woman pouring water from two jars - one on the ground and one into the pond. This represents the flow of the two sides of the brain. The left-brain represents logic and analytical thinking. The right-brain represents intuition and creativity. The jar pouring water to the land represents the left brain and the conscious mind. The jar pouring water into the water represents the right brain and the subconscious mind.

When you have both sides of your brain active, and you are connected to your conscious and subconscious mind, you are in balanced state of being. Therefore this card has a very positive meaning.

But in the art of tarot, there is such a thing called reversed card. The Dainaides has two women (instead of one) condemned to carry water endlessly. This represent The Star in a reversed form, which associates to being disconnected - being "split in two" and in unbalance. Some people define this split with a term bicameral mind. If your conscious and subconscious minds are not connected, your mind is not working as it should. As you see, the women of the statue are like zombies carrying out their never ending duties. They are more robots than humans.

If you think about it, isn't that how most of the people live their lives in today's world? Just look around. Zombies staring their smartphones everywhere, chasing their next dopamine hit.

Perhaps this is how "the Elite" wants us to be. It's much easier to control robot-slaves than human beings capable of using their their own mind. Is it any wonder there's not just one reversed Star statue in Helsinki, but two? More about the second one in the article Fact and Fable.