Esoteric statues

Tarot statues:
  1. Freddie Mercury statue (UK) - The Magician (Mercury)
  2. Lasipalatsi clock tower  (Finland) - The Tower (Mars)
  3. Desolation (Desconsuelo) (Spain) - The Moon (Piscis)
  4. Elias Lönnrot memorial (Finland) - The Devil (Capricorn)
  5. Sergelminnet (Sweden) - VIII of Pentacles (element Earth)
  6. J.V. Snellman statue (Finland) - King of Pentacles (element Earth)
  7. Globalization (Finland) - Death (Scorpio)
  8. Havis Amanda (Finland) - Ace of Cups (element Water)
  9. Alexander II (Finland) - Emperor (Aries), The Empress (Venus), Strength (Leo), The World (Saturn), The Devil (Capricorn) 
  10. Chernobyl monument (Ukraine) - The Tower (Mars)
  11. Samson fountain (Russia) - Strength (Leo)
  12. Urho Kekkonen Memorial (Finland) - Two of Cups (element Water)
  13. Engagement (Finland) - The Devil (Capricorn)
  14. The Young Lovers (UK)  - The Lovers (Gemini)
  15. Equestrian statue of Marshal Mannerheim (Finland) - The Chariot (Cancer)
  16. Kyösti Kallio and Aleksis Kivi - The Hierophant (Taurus)

Masonic and esoteric statues:
  1. Ruler and compass (Finland)
  2. J.L. Runeberg statue (Finland)
  3. Art's Genius (Finland)
  4. Eagles (Finland)
  5. The stone of the Empress (Finland)
  6. Abc the cat... (Finland)
  7. Ilmatar and the Scaup (Finland)
  8. I Am East I Am West (Finland)

Other statues:
  1. Moses

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