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Cult of Aton - part 1: Akhenaton and the Hyksos kings

Have you ever wondered why there's so many references to ancient Egypt in the symbolism of "the Elite"? For example, why have they put obelisks in every major cities? Why do the masons use the pyramid symbol? Why do the elites like the sphinxes and lions so much? Why is an eagle, the symbol of the Egyptian royals, in so many coats of arms?

Masonic symbolism: the pyramid

Masonic symbolism: the pyramid

Washington monument - an obelisk

Cleopatra's needle - an obelisk in New York
(stolen from Egypt)

A sphinx in London

An Egyptian lion statue in Stockholm
(stolen from Egypt)

There is a clear and simple reason for this obsession with Egypt and Egyptian symbols. "The Elite" has a long history, and that history starts from the land of the pharaohs.

One of the first people to reveal the true origins of "the Elite" was Sigmund Freud. It might be a little surprise for many to hear that, because Freud is better known of his work on psychoanalysis. Nevertheless, he was also a historian and did a remarkable, but unfortunately very little known, study on the origins of the Jews.

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud's book Moses and Monotheism presented the controversial idea, that the true identity of Moses was something completely different from what we can read from the Bible or the Torah. Freud's thesis claimed, that the story of Moses was actually a cover-up story of the pharaoh Akhenaton - the father figure of the world's first monotheistic religion Atonism.

It was Sigmund Freud's work that paved the way for the works of later scholars like Michael Tsarion, Ralph Ellis, Moustafa Gadalla and Ahmed Osman who have continued the research. It's these great men who have revealed the secret origins of the ruling elite and their Cult of Aton. It's this cult that all the monotheistic religions, secret societies, royal dynasties and various other branches of the network of power and control originate from.

Akhenaton and Aton

The main character of the historical story of the Cult of Aton is the 18th dynasty pharaoh Akhenaton - the great hero for the elites of the world. But to understand his story, one must first learn about his ancestors, the Hyksos kings.

Aton was a sun god worshiped by the Hyksos kings, who were the rulers of Lower Egypt (northern part Egypt). They invaded the area of Nile Delta and formed the 15th Dynasty around 1650 BC. This historical event is "documented" in the Bible, but in a cryptic form. The rulers of the Hyksos, "the shepherd kings", were the true "Jewish Patriarchs".

When the origins of the "Jews" is decrypted with the "Hyksos key", it's easy to understand why the official version of the Jewish history is so full of holes, and why there's so little historical evidence supporting the biblical story of Abraham and his descendants.

“No direct connections have been found between the abundant documentary evidence from the ancient Near East for the second millennium and the biblical narrative of Israel’s ancestors and origins found in the first seven books of the Bible. As a result, it is impossible to determine whether or not the individuals and events described in the Bible existed, and, if they did, when they should be dated" - Dr. Michael D. Coogan (A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament), quoted by Michael Tsarion

"Like this writer, the researcher Ralph Ellis does not buy into the migration of Abraham and Sarah story. He believes that Abraham and Sarah did not come from Sumeria into Egypt in the manner commonly described. Ellis, like the great revisionist Comyns Beaumont before him, believes that Abraham (from Ab'ram meaning "of Ra the Father") was the first pharaoh of the Hyksos dynasty." - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2)

It's a clever cover-up story to hide the true origins of the Jews and their ancestors' horrible crimes. The Hyksos were infamous of their looting, pillaging and murdering of the country they invaded. There's hardly anything their descendants would be proud of.

"The Jews were not eager to emphasize their blood-ties to the royal dynasties of Egypt for two main reasons. Firstly, if they admitted to it openly they would have only a short time to glow since it would then come out how they were, in fact, illegitimate invaders, marauders, pillagers, and imposters who entered at a time when Egypt was drowning in social chaos. If they admitted to being Hyksos kings they would admit being the infamous "Leper Kings" so despised by the native Egyptians. They would have to admit to their looting and pillaging and to the fact that they had inhabited the fertile Nile Delta for over 300 years and accomplished next to nothing of significance, architecturally or artistically. They would have had to admit that they were renegades and that they were forcibly expelled by consensus and public uprising against them. And they would have to admit, should the facts ever come out, that their "Moses" - the real life Akhenaton - had an incestuous relationship with his megalomaniacal, foreign-blooded mother Queen Tiye." - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2)

The Hyksos were driven out of Egypt after the civil war between the kingdoms of Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt. The pharaoh of Upper Egypt, Ahmose I, was able to defeat the Hyksos and unite both kingdoms under his rule.

But this was not the end of the Hyksos royals. Two hundred years later they were able to put "their man" on the throne of Egypt again. This is something the mainstream history books choose to ignore: Pharaoh Akhenaton was a descendant of the Hyksos - by his mother Tiye,


Tiye's father (Akhenaton's grandfather) was Yuya, the richest man in Egypt. He was a descendant of the Hyksos kings and played an important role in the royal court of Akhenaton's father, pharaoh Amenhotep III. He was also the "educator" of the young Akhenaton, which explains Akhenaton's later obsession with the worship of Aton.

We can read about Yuya from the Bible, but we have to understand his identity is hidden under the code name "Joseph", the "dream analyst" of the pharaoh.

"Although he [Yuya] never reigned as a pharaoh he was the unseen authority behind the thrones of Amenhotep III and Akhenaton. Lately identified as the prototype for the biblical Joseph, he was the richest man in the world after the pharaoh who promoted him. He possessed many illustrious titles. Pharaoh Amenhotep III awarded him the title "Father of a God," a title later passed to his son Aye. Since his daughter Tiye was the mother of Akhenaton, Yuya was the grandfather of the man who would become the most notorious pharaoh in Egypt's long history. His son Aye, the uncle of Akhenaton, would also go on to be a major player in the story of the Atonists. Yuya and his wife Tuya were among the major educators and caretakers of the young Akhenaton. They were Israelites descended from the Hyksos people and were probably of elite rank within that allegedly foreign race. This is probably the reason why Yuya bore the illustrious title "Father to a Pharaoh." It is believed that one of his wives, Asenath, was the daughter of the chief priest of the sun at Heliopolis. Yuya cleverly arranged matters so that his daughter Tiye married Pharaoh Amenhotep III, the son of Tuthmosis IV, who had first honored him. Yuya (Joseph) was descended from Yakobaam/Jacoba/Jacob, an earlier Hyksos pharaoh. In the bible we are toldthat Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, hence the Hyksos people can be known as “Israelites.”" - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2)

Brainwashed by his grandfather, Akhenaton became a devoted worshiper of the sun god Aton. He was so obsessed with it, that as a pharaoh he forbid the worship of any other deities. This religious reform was a monumental change in Egyptian society. Forbidding the worship of all the other gods was an unprecedented change that shook the whole country.

"The god he worshipped was Aton (also Aten, Adon, or Adonai). Being a deranged and obsessed megalomaniac, Akhenaten decided to do what no previous pharaoh had thought of let alone dared. He forcibly abolished the worship of all other gods in Egypt and curtailed financial support of the temples and priests. Apparently, it was his intention to forbid pantheism in favor of monotheism. But his concern was not, as has been insinuated by academic sycophants, to spiritualize the country. In effect, it was to de-spiritualize it. His demented concern was to have the god of his Levitical family be everyone's god. Few in Egypt shared his sentiments or thought this was a good idea. He had support only from other members of his family, from henchmen and court guards from foreign parts hired to protect him, and from certain Hyksos sun priests at Heliopolis, Avaris, and Memphis. These priests of the Delta's Solar Cult appear to have had a hand in electing the pompous king to his elevated but much misused office." Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2)

The motives behind this change were not entirely religious. It was the priesthood of the rival sun cult, Cult of Amun, that the Atonists led by Akhenaton wanted to get rid of. This old Amunistic priesthood based on ancient druidistic traditions had lots of power and influence in Egypt, something that the megalomaniac pharaoh couldn't stand.

Akhenaton's forced monotheism stirred up a fierce resistance among the common Egyptians. This resistance lead-up to a civil war between the Atonists and the Amunists. The latter won the war, and the end result of it was the expulsion of Akhenaton and the Atonists. It's this exile we can read about in the Bible as the Exodus.

The biblical story of the Israelites escaping from slavery in Egypt is nothing more than a propaganda cover-up story made up by the descendants of the Atonists, who were kicked out of Egypt. It serves as a mask to hide the true origins of the "Israelites" and the true identity of "Moses" a.k.a. Akhenaton. No, the "Israelites" were not slaves. No, they did not escape heroically from the evil pharaoh (which the Bible even fails to name). They were the descendants of the Hyksos people. They were Akhenaton's supporters and the followers of the Cult of Aton, which brought nothing but chaos and havoc to Egypt.

"Moses" = Akhenaton

"Jews believe and state openly that Moses was the author of the Hebrew Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament). He is also known to be the disseminator of the hidden Oral Tradition, that eventually inspired the Babylonian Talmud. But, as the great Sigmund Freud pointed out, and as we re-assert - MOSES WAS AKHENATON - the Bible is not a Jewish tome, but an Egyptian one. This is the great secret that has been kept from humankind for so long. The generations of alteration and re-editing by Josephus and Bacon and others has merely assisted in this truth being kept hidden." - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2)

"The hordes who tended Akhenaton and his court, and who accompanied him after his exile, were Levites from the city of Avaris (Zoan or Zion) and Amarna. They were descendants of the Hyksos Kings who had invaded Upper (Southern) Egypt over 300 years before (at the opening of the 13th dynasty). No, the "Israelites" were not the people who accompanied the pharaoh; they were the pharaoh and his immediate Egyptian coterie." - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2)

Actually, the story of the Exodus is most likely a combination of two similar events: The first expulsion of the Hyksos people from Lower Egypt (by Ahmose I) and the later exile of Akhenaton and his supporters. Ralph Ellis explains it on this video (from 5:48 onward):

Understanding who Moses really was, and who the "Israelite" really were, uncovers many secrets. It reveals that the so called "Judaic" religion is nothing more than an updated version of the Cult of Aton. It reveals that Yahweh/Jehova is actually the sun god Aton. This can be easily understood just by looking at the name Adonai, which is the one the Jews are allowed to say out loud instead of Yahweh.

Yahweh - the sun

"The Egyptian connections to the Israelites had to be obscured and the name of god was a major stumbling block. So the preposterous story of Moses and the "Burning Bush" was concocted and the Jews themselves were fooled into the belief that it would be scandalous irreverence to pronounce the ever so sacred name of Yahweh (Jehovah). The implication was that Adonai, being common, simply meant "our sun god" and was purely connotative. It could be uttered, whereas the name Jehovah could remain unspoken. In our reading of the issue, however, the situation is just the reverse. Adonai was the sacred name of god cunningly hidden in plain sight. It was not connotative but denotative. It denoted Akhenaton, his sun god Aton, and the Egyptian priesthood that worshipped the sun. It denoted the Israelites and Levites who were members of that same cult and devotees of that same god. We are less likely to focus on the term Adon once it is put before us as a mere convenience, a rhetorical device. We are more likely to focus on that which it is said to refer to, that is, to this mystical and mystique-drenched Yahweh. Let us state now, for the record, that it is not the name Jehovah that is important but that of Adonai, that is, of Aton. Once this is understood, we can declare the identity of Yahweh problem to be solved, once and for all." - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2)

Yes, the "Judaic" religion is actually an Atonistic religion. And so is Christianity, which is just another later updated version of the same sun cult. Just look at the massive amount of sun symbolism in Christianity. It's sun worship from beginning to end.

Christian symbolism: the sun

Christian symbolism: the sun

Christian symbolism: the sun

Christian symbolism: the sun

Of course they don't tell you that. For you "the Elite" serves the exoteric version of their religion and keep the esoteric secrets to themselves.

All the major powerbrokers of the world are servants of the same Cult of Aton. It's a big club, and you ain't in it! They have a long history, and their different institutions of power have different faces, like Judaism, Christianity, Vatican, Freemasonry, Jesuits, Illuminati, Royal families, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, United Nations, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, etc., but behind the closed doors the men and women running the show are all part of the same sun cult, that originates from ancient Egypt.

They have ruled the world for a long time, and they have done a great job hiding it from the public. Studying the symbolism they use reveals how the dots get connected. The same motifs, which many of go back to ancient Egypt, are used over and over again - hidden in plain sight.

Masonic symbolism: the sun

Akhenaton in the Shriners logo (masonic organization)


  1. Highly informative, nicely summarised and illustrated article. Of monumental significance to world history. Sourcing the deceit behind the creational forces for power control systems that nave evolved into the modern day Powers That Be.

    So much captured in such little words and space. Excellent!

    1. Thanks. It's a very large story and quite difficult to squeeze into a sensible size blog post. Lots of information had to be left out.

      I highly recommend everyone to study the books of Michael Tsarion, Ralph Ellis and others who have written about this subject matter. They have some differences in their viewpoints on some details, but the general idea is the same. This article is, as you can see from the quotes, based mostly on Michael Tsarion's work.

      Also, this was just the opening chapter of the larger story of the history of atonism. How this ties into the modern day atonism, like masonry, requires several other chapters.

    2. Ahmed Osman:

    3. Thanks. Have been reviewing Michael Tsarion's works for maybe 8 years now. Have a lot of his books, including Irish Origins, where most of your Blog post seems to have been derived. More recently have been focussing on Ralph Ellis.

      Appreciate your summary as it synthesizes an abundance of research from various Authors to build an overall picture of an entirely different Biblical history. Leading into the monopolistic and underground Atonist power structure that developed out of that history. Very well done. The links with the symbology of the sun, lion and obelisk illustrate the story well.