Thursday, 9 February 2017

Lasipalatsi clock tower

Helsinki, capital of my home-country Finland, has many examples of hidden in plain sight symbolism. This country has been ruled by the masonic brotherhoods for a long time, and you see traces of it everywhere. Helsinki is  a small city, but there is plenty of hidden in plain sight symbolism with subtle and not so subtle references to masonry, Illuminati, different chivalric orders, and most of all to tarot.

One of the most visible examples of hidden in plain sight tarot symbolism is the Lasipalatsi clock tower.

Lasipalatsi clock tower

It's an old smoke chimney at the center of the old bus station yard. There are few interesting details that should be noticed. Look at the circle made of stars at the top. If this was purely functional chimney, why would there be this kind of decorative detail?

Also look at the small ramp around the chimney. There is no practical reason for its existence. Why is it there?

Answers to these questions can be found only if you accept the fact that it's all symbolic. It's actually a very cleverly done piece of art representing the tarot card The Tower.

The circle of stars is borrowed from christian art. It's the "crown" of the Virgin Mary.

Virgin Mary with the crown of stars

"And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." (Revelation 12:1)

The ramp around the tower is also from christian art. It's a subtle reference to the tower of Babel, which is always depicted with a similar spiral around it.

Tower of Bable

Interestingly the ramp around the chimney doesn't have any handrails. If someone had the idea to climb up there (like many do, especially children and drunken people), wouldn't they be in danger to fall down? Yes, and that's exactly the point. Just look at the card and see what's happening there.

People on the ramp

Just look at all the details and see how cleverly they come together.

Lasipalatsi clock tower:
  1. It's a chimney, but it looks like a tower, and it's called Lasipalatsi clock tower.
  2. It's an old smoke chimney.
  3. There's a spiral ramp around it.
  4. At the top of the chimney there is a circle of stars - "the crown of Virgin Mary" from christian art.
  5. The ramp has no handrails. People climbing up the ramp could easily fall down.

The Tower:
  1. The card is called the Tower with an image of a tower.
  2. The tower is on fire with smoke coming out of it.
  3. The tower is falling because of a stroke of lightning. The Bible has the story of a falling tower of Babel, which is depicted in christian art in a spiral form.
  4. Above the tower is a crown.
  5. There are people falling down.

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  1. Good awareness. All it really takes is the willingness to open one's eyes to what surrounds them. Relate it back t the tarot, masonry, Atonist symbology, the various cults/secret societies. Knowing the function for these Powers That Be on the psyche of the individual for this "hidden in plain sight symbolism* is what is most interesting. Then methods to counteract the hex they are trying to put on people.