Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Prologue - part 3: Esoteric teachings

If you want to understand the esoteric levels of the symbolism used by "the Elite", you have to understand their interest towards four main branches of esoteric knowledge:
  1. Astrology
  2. Tarot
  3. Kabbalah
  4. Numerology

It's these four themes the student of hidden in plain sight symbolism must start paying attention to. Not because you should "believe" in them, but because you must understand their importance to "the Elite". No matter what personal opinions you might have about them.

These esoteric teachings are very much connected to each other. You could say they are relatives of the same family, or different faces to the same ancient knowledge.

Yes, these teachings are very old, a lot older than our history books claim them to be. But that's not the only falsehood they have told us about them. In the inner circles of the initiated people, these esoteric teachings are something very different what they are for most of the common people. Again, we are talking about two different levels: esoteric and exoteric.

For example, on exoteric level astrology means silly horoscopes on the pages of women's magazines. Of course, they are silly - that's the idea. This silliness serves as a cover for the real esoteric astrology the ruling elites don't want you to know about. On esoteric level astrology is something completely different. Something that is far from the nonsense most people think it is. In the ranks of the ruling elites it's more of a science than silly entertainment. Science that "the Elite" has kept to themselves on the expense of the rest of humanity.

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