Friday, 10 February 2017

Desolation (Desconsuelo)

Statues with hidden references to tarot cards can be found all over the world. Here's an example from Barcelona.

In front of the parliament house of Catalonia is a copy of the statue Desolation (Desconsuelo, 1907) by Josep Llimona. We can read from Wikipedia:
Considered one of the finest sculptors of Catalan Modernism sculpture, Llimona joined the Symbolism movement during the first few years of the twentieth century after a phase in which he had adopted an idealism deeply rooted in his solid religious convictions. Llimona contributed to the founding of the Artistic Circle of Sant Lluc, the intention of which was to preserve art from the excesses of contemporary artists. Female nudes were prohibited in the Circle's initial statutes, but later the prohibition was lifted; Llimona did not depict the female nude until then. It was then that he sculpted Desolation, a work he exhibited for the first time in 1907 and which demonstrates the artist's ability to communicate feelings that reflect a deep humanity through a naked female figure.

Desolation (Desconsuelo)

There's a lengthy article about the statue in Wikipedia. It has plenty of background information and analyzing the symbolism of the statue, but not a word about it's connection to tarot. This is very typical. Whenever it comes to reading about the symbolism of a piece of art from any mainstream source, they always offer you the exoteric level only - never the real esoteric symbolism hidden in plain sight.

If you know anything about tarot symbolism, it's quite easy to see this statue is depicting the tarot card the Moon.

  1. The statue has a crying woman.
  2. The name Desolation (Desconsuelo) is refers to sorrow, mourning and loneliness.
  3. The statue is in a middle of a pond.
  4. The pond is in a shape of vesica piscis - a feminine symbol . (See the satellite image below.)
  5. There are sun rays around the vesica piscis. (See the satellite image below.)
  6. There are two towers on the background: Hotel Arts and Torre Mapfre. (See the image above.)

The Moon:
  1. The card has a crying goddess Isis.
  2. Isis is mourning about the death of her consort sun god Osiris.
  3. There's a pond in the card.
  4. The moon is a feminine symbol. The card is ruled by the sign of Piscis.
  5. There are sun rays around the moon.
  6. There are two towers on the background.

And again there's a little hint about who are the insiders this hidden in plain sight symbolism is meant for. Just look at the pond on the satellite image. It's not just a vesica piscis symbol, it's also an eye - one of the most common symbols of the Freemasons.

Just compare the satellite image to this masonic apron:

Masonic symbolism: the eye rounded by sun rays

Masonic eye symbolism:

Masonic symbolism: the eye

Masonic symbolism: the eye

Masonic symbolism: the eye


  1. Hola, aquí unos vídeos que he hecho yo mismo sobre Barcelona. En el primero, hay una estatua de Llimona también.

    1. Gracias. ¡Muy interesante! Muy masónico.

      ¿Viste la piedra clave masónica en el monumento Macià?

      En Helsinki:

    2. Muy interesante todo lo que he visto hasta ahora en tu blog. Creo que esta lectura te será interesante.

    3. Mi español no es bueno...

      But I do know tarot quite well. I've studied it a lot.