Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Prologue - part 2: Esoteric and exoteric

One of the most important concepts to be understood when studying the symbolism of the ruling elite is the difference between esoteric symbolism and exoteric symbolism. When it comes to "the Elite's" symbolism, there is very rarely just one level to be looked at. Usually there are two basic levels: one for the public, and one for the initiated.

The esoteric level contains information that is meant for the people in the inner circles. They are the ones who have been initiated to the secret knowledge you need have for understanding the meaning of the symbolism.

In order to keep this esoteric level hidden, one needs to hide it behind the veil of the exoteric level. This level of symbolism is meant for the public, or "the dumb masses", and it's sole purpose is to keep the real esoteric meaning hidden. When "the Elite" uses esoteric symbolism, there is always an exoteric explanation for it - like a facade hiding the truth behind it. A perfectly believable cover-up story, that can be told whenever someone asks "What is the meaning of this?"

One level for the insiders - one level for the outsiders.

With this protective exoteric layer it's very easy to laugh off anyone who tries to move the focus on the esoteric level. "Oh you crazy tin-foil-hat..."

An example. Here's a statue of George Washington:

The exoteric level: It's about the first American president and a great founding father.

The esoteric level: It's about Baphomet.

This is how it's done. The exoteric level enables the use of hidden in plain sight esoteric symbolism - something that we can see everywhere around us, if we just start paying attention to it.

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