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Cult of Aton - part 8: The serpent

It's not only buildings and public art that have been included with hidden in plain sight symbolism in cities. It can also be found on city layouts. Looking at cities from satellite images reveals sometimes quite interesting details.

Here's an example from my home-country's capital Helsinki:

Arabianranta, Helsinki, Finland

At first glimpse, it doesn't really look like anything.

Look again:

Who would use serpent symbolism? Have a guess.

Masonic symbolism: the serpent

Masonic symbolism: the ouroboros serpent

Masonic symbolism: the ouroboros serpent

Masonic staff with the serpent

Masonic art: the orphic egg and the serpent

Templar symbolism: the serpent

Moses (Akhenaton) and the brazen serpent

Masonic snake fastener for aprons

The serpent is one of the oldest symbols humankind has ever used. Its history is very long and it has many side tracks - so many that it would be impossible to cover everything in one blog post.

In masonic context, it goes back to the origins of the Cult of Aton in ancient Egypt. It was a royal symbol of the members of the Egyptian royal families.

Akhenaton wearing a serpent on his forehead

Nefertiti - the wife of Akhenaton - wearing a serpent on her forehead

But the serpent symbol was much older than the dynastic period of ancient Egypt. Before kings and queens it was the symbol of the ancient priestly class. They were the stellar priests, master astronomers and astrologers, the keepers of the ancient wisdom and knowledge, and called serpent priests.
"The priests of the sun at Heliopolis, as well as at other places, employed the symbol of the serpent, as did the pharaohs." - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, vol 2)

What the history books wont tell you, is the fact that these people who gave birth to the high civilization of ancient Egypt came from Ireland. Yes, they were ancient druids whose symbol was the serpent.
"The pharaohs wore the serpent on their headgear and the serpent was the symbol of the Magi of Ireland, the Naddreds, or Druids."  - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, vol 1)
"The high king of ancient Ireland was known as Nuada or Nada or Nuah. The name is a variation of Naddred, meaning "wise serpent"" - ibid

To get the big picture of the ancient historical connection between Ireland and Egypt, I highly recommend you to read The Irish Origins of Civilization (or see the video lecture of it) by the great Micheal Tsarion.

So why do the masons of today use so much serpent symbolism? The serpent represents wisdom. "The Elite" and the leaders of the Cult of Aton (which masonry is a branch of) consider themselves as the keepers of the esoteric knowledge and wisdom of the ancient druids. But unfortunately the way they use this knowledge and wisdom is very corrupted. The druids used it for the benefit of the humankind. In the hands of "the Elite" this ancient knowledge has turned into a weapon of control. Their knowledge of the occult is only for the corrupt insiders of their inner circles of power - not for you and me.

Jesus said, "The Pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to. You, however, be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves" - (Gospel of Thomas)

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