Friday, 18 August 2017

Samson fountain

Example of tarot symbolism in statues from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. In Peterhof, stands a monument called Samson fountain.

"The largest fountain in the Lower Park in Peterhof is the famous Samson Fountain that stands in the center of a bowl in from the Great Cascade. Compositionally it crowns the fountain ensemble. The height of the sculptural group is 3.5 meters, and more than 6.5 meters including the pedestal. The giant Samson is wrenching apart the lion’s jaws from which a twenty-meter-high jet shoots up. Eight gold dolphins send out jets at the giant’s feet.
The decision to build the fountain was made in 1734 when the 25th anniversary of the Russian victory over the Swedes at Poltava was being celebrated. This highly important battle in the Northern War was fought on June 27, 1709, St Samson’s Day, which explains the allegorical representation of the victory in the form of Samson’s victory over the lion. The lead sculpture was made in 1735 by Rastrelli."

Samson fountain

Allegory for the victory in the war against Sweden? Yeah, right.

Strength is a solar card ruled by Leo and Sun. The color of the statue is gold, the color associated with the Sun.

The name Samson also connotes to Sun.
"The name Samson means 'man of the sun', legendary ancient Israelite hero endowed with supernatural strength"  ['Dictionary of Deities and Demons of the Bible']

The number of the card is 8, which is the number of the Sun. There are 8 golden dolphins around Samson and the lion.

8 dolphins

More about lion symbolism in the article The lion.

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