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Abc the cat...

Atonistic art from Helsinki, Finland.

This statue by Pekka Nevalainen is called Abc the cat...

Helsinki art museum introduction:
"This jolly piece is named after the Finnish nursery rhyme about a cat climbing up a ladder. Located in the school yard, it has been welcomed with delight by the 7-12-year old pupils of this arts and skills-oriented primary school. In the piece, a strong grey cat has climbed a ladder to reach the top of a large red letter A. The artist has used several materials: the letter A is painted steel, the cat is made of grey fibreglass, the ladder of stainless steel and the base is poured concrete. The work was financed from the school's appropriations and was finished for the opening of the school in 1996."

The hidden in plain sight symbolism is around the theme of Israel. (Recommended to read first: Israel)

Let's start from the ladders. The ladders going up to the sky represent the Jacob's ladder, which is a common motif in masonic symbolism.

Masonic art: Jacob's ladder

But this is not just about masonry. This piece of art is about the Cult of Aton, of which masonry is just one branch.

Jacob was the patriarch of the bible, who was renamed by God as Israel. The name is a combination of three ancient deities Isis, Ra and El, Is-Ra-El - moon, sun and Saturn.

It's obvious that the artist knew about this fact. Just like Is-Ra-El, the three big letters in the statue are references to moon, sun and Saturn.

The letter C is self-evident. It's a crescent moon, plain and simple.

The letter A is about the sun god Aton. A for Aton. It's painted in red, which is reference to the ancient power base of "the Elite" and the Cult of Aton - Lower Egypt.

Red was the color of Lower Egypt. The Nile Delta was surrounded but the Red Land (the desert) and the crown of Lower Egypt, known as Deshret was the Red Crown.

Deshret - the Red Crown of Lower Egypt

In the letter A you can see the familiar form of the masonic pyramid with the detached capstone.

The letter B in this monument is not really about "B". (Wonder why it's lower case?) It's about the astrological sign of Capricorn, which is very similar to the lower case "b". Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

Moon, sun and Saturn = Is-Ra-El.

And what about the cat on the statue? Could this "big cat" (or "Is-Ra-El cat") be about the lion of Judah?

The lion of Judah

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