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Cult of Aton - part 5: Israel

When you grow up a child, at some point you'll experience a significant realization: "I'm an individual, entity of my own, separate from my mother." With this huge revelation you understand something very strange: "Other people don't know my thoughts!"

And so one learns the art lying.

As a child, you will soon be familiar with a little problem with lying. The more you lie, the more you have to make up other lies, just to keep your story straight. Sometimes this creates a situation where you end up constructing a chain of lies, which is like a house of cards waiting to collapse.

This is why the official history of Judaism and ancient Israel doesn't make any sense. "The Elite" has tried to cover up the origins of their ancestors, but the end result they came up with is full of holes and inconsistencies. The lack of historical evidence for the so called "history" of the Israelites has made the story in the Bible as credible as the tales of King Arthur and the knights of the round table.

Terms like Jews, Jewish, Israel and Israelites can refer to many different things like religion, people, tribe or kingdom/state. It's pretty hard to make any sense of this mess:

Israel was the name of Jacob, whose 12 sons and their descendants became the Israeli people or the 12 tribes of Israel. However, this Israeli nation was divided into different religious and political factions forming even different states and kingdoms. One of the sons of Jacob was called Judah, whose descendants were called Jews after him. They formed the kingdom of Judah - a separate state from the kingdom of Israel. From ethnic viewpoint the other 11 tribes were not exactly Jews, but Israelites. Though they might have been Jews from the religious viewpoint. On the other hand, some of these Israelites were not religious Jews, but worshipers of other gods than Yahweh. Though at some point some of the ethnic Jews, like king Solomon, slipped from the monotheistic Yahweh worship to serve other gods, making them ethnic-but-not-religious Jews. Modern day state of Israel is a Jewish state - but only from religious point of view. Most of the people of this state are not really ethnic Jews or Israelites. Over 80% of the modern day Jews are not descendants of the tribe of Judah, or any of the other 11 Israeli tribes, but Ashkenazi Jews, whose ancestors converted to Jewish religion. They are Jews only from religious viewpoint having their ethnic origins somewhere in eastern Europe. They are not Semites, though they have no problem blaming their opponents of antisemitism when it suits them. Semites with ethnic connection to the Iraelites are actually a minority of the religious Jews. The progenitor of the Jews and Israelites was Abraham, who wasn't really a Jew or an Israelite, because those terms didn't exist during his time. The name Israel was given by Yahweh to his grandson Jacob, after he wrestled with an unknown man for unknown reason.

Get that?

So Jacob wrestled with an unknown man for unknown reason, and after that his god named him Israel. What is that about?

First, and most importantly, one must understand that Jews and Israelites were descendants of the Hyksos people of Lower Egypt. (Recommended to read first: Akhenaton and the Hyksos kings)

"Let us ever bear in mind from now on that the generic terms "Israelite" and "Hebrew" denote those people who had spent time in Egypt and who were most probably of Hyksos origin." - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, vol2) 

The true identity of Abraham, his son Isaac, and his son Jacob has been hidden away by "the Elite" in their silly pseudo-historical fairy-tales in the Bible. They were not "shepherds" - they were Kings of the Hyksos.

"They [Moustafa Gadalla and Ahmed Osman] contend that Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, and Joseph were themselves members of a powerful dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs known as the Hyksos. Osman declares these Hyksos to be the same people as the Israelites. He argues that the Hyksos Kings of the Egyptian 13th dynasty, who ruled for approximately 300 years, are the ancestors of those referred to as Israelites and Levites. During the eighteenth dynasty, their leader was Pharaoh Akhenaton, who was himself either a physical or ideological descendant of the Hyksos." - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, vol2) 

"There is not a single shred of evidence for any of the implausible biblical characters as they have been presented (Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Saul, Solomon, David, Aaron, and Jesus, etc). This is because they are later interpolations. They were designed to resemble earlier figures who wished to be remembered and lauded even though concealment was their over-arching priority. The bible is their story, their history, its many imperfections a clever mask of mystique designed to evoke reactions of awe, frustration, intrigue, and suspicion. Like tigers, the real figures have hidden behind the "tall grass" of history, so to speak. It is only recently that a few investigators have dared to burn down the camouflage and to reveal the shy creatures stalking there." - ibid 

"When the testaments were conceived it was decided that both the word and concept of Israel should be personified. For reasons not explained Jacob - the son of Isaac (Isa, Esa) and grandson of Abraham was renamed Israel by god. This act of "renaming" (Genesis 35:9) was one of several clever ploys by the bible's mythographers to distort history and obscure the identity and existence of the Cult of Aton." - ibid

The story of Jacob's wrestle and Yahweh's renaming of him to Israel doesn't make any sense if you take it literally. But if you look at it as an allegory, it reveals an important fact about the background of the so called "people of Israel".

The word Israel comes from three deities Isis, Ra and El. Isis was the main deity of the Moon cult, Ra of the Sun cult, and El of the Saturn cult. The so called "wrestle of Jacob" is a metaphor for alliance negotiations between these three ancient cults. They were not only religious organizations - they had lots of political and economical power too. After the "wrestle" Is-Ra-El - a new joint venture, so to speak - was formed.

"Israel, is made up of the names of the three deities the ancient Cults: Isis, Ra and El (Moon, Sun and Saturn). As the most adept scholars know, there were no twelve tribes of Israel. This concept of the twelve roving tribes was a deliberately concocted fiction designed to conceal much more surreptitious, but important, occurrences and themes. The fiction was the creation of the great Cults of power, whose elites commissioned Roman and Jewish writers and historians to randomly and prejudiciously translate many old texts and myths, and include them into what would become the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and to flagrantly distort Semitic and Egyptian history so as to prevent the curious from discovering the existence and agendas of those archaic Cults, fraternities, and occult colleges which seek habitually to remain invisible." - Michael Tsarion (Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology)

The Sun Cult took the leading position in this alliance. Their Sun god Aton became the main deity, but over time the Cult of Aton with its many branches (monotheistic religions, royals, masonic orders and other secret or semi-secret societies) has adopted plenty of Moon and Saturn symbolism too.

Examples of solar symbolism:

The Lion of Judah - lion is a Sun symbol

Masonic logo with a Sun

Jesus the Sun god

Pope and the Sun

Examples of Moon symbolism:

Mary - the Christian version of Isis - Moon under her feet

Isis & Horus - Mary & Jesus

Baphomet of the Knights Templar and the two Moons

Moon on the masonic logo

Examples of Saturn symbolism:

Black cube is a Saturn symbol - found all over the world

Black cube on the forehead of a Jew

Black cube of Mecca - Saturn and its rings

Rings are Saturn symbols

Masonic art: Father Time represents Saturn

"The "Israel" and "Judah" spoken of in the bible's Old Testament are fictions pure and simple. They did not exist in the way we have been conditioned to believe. This fact is known to most of the historians, biblical scholars, archaeologists, linguists, geographers, and other experts in related fields. This fact is not, however, known to the general rank and file, and many of the latest whistle-blowing experts, such as Thomas L. Thompson, have suffered suppression and academic exile." - Michael Tsarion (The Irish Origins of Civilization, vol 2)

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